Your view of the world is a map drawn from your life's experiences. As such it is only a representation of the real territory, that maybe entirely different. So what does that say about ultimate truth and reality?

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A salute to the Sacred Feminine

By | March 15, 2012 | Future Consciousness | 1 Comment

The Earth is your sister, your mother, your sacred feminine partner. She gives birth like you give birth and she creates like you create. She bleeds like you bleed and no-one notices or cares, or venerates the significance of her life blood. You already know this and you feel this and you begin to join …


What is ascension?

By | March 1, 2012 | Future Consciousness | No Comments

We hear a lot about ascension these days. If you look around the various 2012 new energy groups and forums you see conversations on heart awakening, being fully aware and ascended consciousness. Is this a new thing? a new state of being, or is it a presence of body, mind and soul that mystics have …


Bill Brockbrader writes to Don Shipley with a challenge …

By | February 11, 2012 | Alternative Media, Blog Posts, Future Consciousness, Secret Government | No Comments

This is a Follow-up Nexus 2012 interview with Senior Chief Don Shipley to address the questions posed to him by William Brockbrader aka Bill Wood during a donation drive by Project Camelot and Kerry Cassidy on February 4th 2012.


Bill BrockBrader & Kerry Cassidy fall out!

By | | Alternative Media, Future Consciousness, Secret Government | 3 Comments

Now this is getting ugly. When your friends start calling you a liar, you know the game is going south like a swallow in winter. Don Shipley will be stoking the fires ready to roast Mr Brockbrader if he can’t even hold it together with his own supporters.

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